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Being fat is a simple disorder, and it may come as a surprise to know that just like many slim people battle with cellulite, there are also many relatively slim people who long to be belly fat free. These so called slim people have a high percentage of body fat, more so in the midsection area. Belly fat is  also  different from other fat, and because everyone is different, everyone needs a program designed specifically for their body type in order for it to be successful.

The Full Throttle Fat Loss Program has been designed specifically with the individual in mind, and you can be belly fat free simply because a program has been designed around your special needs. There is no one diet fits all; your belly fat comes from different circumstances to the next person.  Everyone however, has  three types of fat; visceral fat or belly fat, subcutaneous fat and  triglycerides which is fat which circulated in your bloodstream.

Belly Fat is a More Dangerous Fat Due to Its Placement

Belly fat is found beneath the muscles in your stomach, close to the liver and the fat cells produce more toxins. These dangerous toxins  produced by the visceral fat is taken to the liver throughout the day, and this increased fat processing in the liver can cause fatty liver disease and elevated LDL cholesterol levels. It is this very area which makes the fat so bad for your health. The fat is placed closely to your internal organs, providing your internal organs with a stream of energy.

Visceral fat cells secrete chemicals and hormones and chemicals which can impact every organ in your body. Of course when your body weight is correct, these very same hormones and chemicals secreted by fat cells are healthy, but when you have more fat cells than normal, the cells produce even more hormones and chemicals than your body needs, and you are at  risk for diseases like heart attack, diabetes and cancer.
People get fat because they consume more kilojoules than they expend.

The question most people want answered is why some people get fat on the same amount of food that keeps other people thin, or for that matter, why some people feel the urge to eat more than they need.  Only recently have researchers begun to unravel the complex interactions between the stomach, the brain and fat cells; offering hope for those who believed in a problem without a solution.

A Program Designed by a Medical Professional

Researchers are rethinking what it means to be fat and some are concluding that a person’ weight is the product of a dynamic process of fine tuning metabolism and appetite, and for this reason the Full Throttle Fat Loss program is so successful. This program has been thoroughly researched and is scientifically sound and been tried and tested for excellent results.

Designed by a doctor who is a physical therapist and a certified strength and conditioning coach, the program is aimed at any one who wants to burn off fat quickly and healthily, regardless of whether you are a child or someone in their nineties.  One of the biggest bonus with buying the Full Throttle Fat Loss program is that, unlike other fat loss programs where the program is worked out with the assumption that everybody is the same, this diet has been created with ‘You’, the individual in mind.

In fact, Dr. Kareem Samhouri, designer of this program,  makes it clear that he understands this concept – ‘Your body is your body’ which is the very foundation to Dr. Samhouri’s Full Throttle Fat Loss program.
Being overweight and having belly fat has a strong biological basis, and the treatments today towards being belly fat free are guaranteed to give you not only many health benefits, but to provide you with a whole lot of confidence as you see a leaner you emerging within this space of four weeks.

A Weight Loss Program Which Treats the Unique ‘You’

full throttleThe Full Throttle Fat Loss works because approaches weight and fat loss holistically, looking at how your unique body works and integrate all aspects of fat loss which includes fat loss acceleration as well as nervous system stimulation.  To become belly fat free, along with the Full Throttle Fat Loss Program, to accelerate fat loss, the Stacker Fat Loss Technology is also included.

This technology is when you add the fat loss effect of every portion of every exercise together.  By stacking exercises together into multi-part exercises, your body has to work harder to get through the exercise. No more wasting time with workouts that don’t work because they haven’t been researched and simply don’t make sense.

With the Full Throttle Fat Program your body will be conditioned to lose fat quickly and efficiently with a Metabolic Shift. Your metabolism actually learns how to  function faster, and it will make this new speed your new basal metabolic rate (BMR) for your body. Full Throttle Fat Loss was also designed to work for both men and women, and by  moving through the various stages of the program you move from beginner stage to ultra-advanced.

An 8-Component Fat Loss Program

The entire 8-Component Full Throttle Fat Loss can be ordered easily and conveniently on-line. Apart from filming exercises for online streaming as well as a downloadable version for your iPod or other video devices, there are also audios to assist auditory learners to also benefit from the program.

The Full Throttle Fat Loss At-Home Modifications Guide provides you with ideas of how to use ordinary items at home as useful workout ideas for the whole family.

The Top 10 Fat Loss Lessons Of All Time Cheat Sheet  is a comprehensive list of the best fat loss lessons Dr Kareem has learned.  Dr Kareen has included other valuable resources:

  • The Full Throttle Fat Loss Beginner Basics Guide,
  • Victory Journal,
  • U-Stream Assess & Correct Workshops  where the doctor actually evaluates three clients with various ailments and what is causing them is also included in this fantastic weight loss package on how to be belly fat free in just four weeks.
  • Transformational Mindset Audios and a Private 120 Minute VIP Coaching Call is included in the deal.

The 8-components of Full Throttle Fat Loss are worth a small fortune, but it is worth doing some research because these items can be enjoyed at fantastic discounts. Customer reviews will also guide your decision on this amazing product.

Get Discounts and Enjoy a Five Star Program at One Star Prices

If you are serious about being belly fat free, then it is worth your while looking at the Full Throttle Fat Loss program. Why suffer the discomfort of fat and associated diseases when you can actually prevent them by making small and valuable changes to your lifestyle with such an effective program?

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